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Poem for Sunday, Day of the Doctor, Glass Birds

Ample make this bed
By Emily Dickinson

Ample make this bed.
Make this bed with awe;
In it wait till judgment break
Excellent and fair.

Be its mattress straight,
Be its pillow round;
Let no sunrise' yellow noise
Interrupt this ground.


Adam was out nearly all day at the Battle of the Potomac cross country race (Maryland vs Virginia vs West Virginia vs DC) -- he couldn't run, but he went to cheer on his friends and eat lunch with them, then he came home exhausted and went to bed before 9. I spent pretty much all day working on our annual photo calendar, which had to be completed and ordered before my two Shutterfly coupons/discounts expired, with a long break in the afternoon for The Day of the Doctor and the pre-show and post-airing chatter plus a few minutes of the miserable Maryland game.

My favorite bit of the preshow was William Shatner (Nichelle Nichols, too) saying happy 50th to Doctor Who -- did Doctor Who wish Star Trek a happy 40th? And I mostly really enjoyed the episode, though I have to admit that I actually found An Adventure in Time and Space more moving. I am always happy to see any incarnation of Elizabeth I, even one who'd put a man ahead of her kingdom which I don't believe for a minute -- I was so hoping Ten was right that that alone meant she had to be a duplicate -- and I love the idea of a secret National Gallery!

And there were many moments that made me howl aloud, including the "it's just a harmless little bunny" bit, "Are you his Companions? They get younger all the time," Ten blaming Eleven for his timey-wimey line, and Captain Jack Harkness bequeathing tech on the occasion of one of this deaths ("Think of it. Americans with the ability to rewrite history? You've seen their movies" -- though I really think that if the Gallifreyans had seen Wargames and the Terminator movies, they'd have done much better as a species). I was nervous about Rose Tyler coming back and delighted that it was Rose-TARDIS instead!

But there was enough gender trouble to niggle at me -- not just Elizabeth I but the nerd archivist in the familiar scarf who wishes she was as pretty as her sister and Eight-and-a-Half's eyerolling about future Doctor smooching sessions, and I knew when it started to turn into Galaxy Quest ("never give up, never give in") that we were in for the new inevitable sci-fi cliche in which everything that matters eventually comes back from the dead, even entire planets. It meant something when Nine said "Everybody lives!" because that was the exception, then; now, everything that made Nine himself no longer happened, and he'll never even know it.

Okay, I forgave a lot for Tom Baker, and I loved all the Tennant and Smith joint interviews and commentaries; we ended the evening watching Graham Norton, where I snickered when Smith pointed out that his sonic screwdriver is bigger than Tennant's but my favorite moment was the fan who needed Tennant's autograph on his arm for a tattoo who announced that he was married to the woman in the Dalek dress who had preceded him in the red chair. I did work in a walk in the chilly evening air and we all had dinner together, but that's about all the news from here! Here is one more Art of Fire pic:


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