The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and First Snowstorm

Prayer from a Mouse
By Sarah Messer

Dimensionless One, can you hear me?
Me with the moon ears, caught
in ice branches?

Beneath the sky's long house,
beneath the old snake tree,
I pray to see even a fragment
of you--
          whiskers ticking

a deserted street,
a staircase leading
to the balcony
of your collarbone.

Beloved King of Stars, I cannot
contain my animal movements.

For you I stay like a mountain.
For you I stay like a straight pin.

But in the end, the body leaves us
its empty building.

Midnight petulant
as a root cellar. Wasps crawling
in sleeves. I sleep

with my tail over
my face, enflamed.

Oh Great Cataloguer
of Snow Leaves, I pray
that you may appear
and carry every piece
of my fur in your hands.


Adam went back to school for the new year on Thursday, and Daniel and I had plans to go out to lunch and get bagels, but he slept so late and I was so busy catching up on things from the holidays that we decided to stay in and watch Jurassic Park while I was rearranging our DVDs to make room for the new ones we got as gifts. The forecast snow started around 3 p.m., so I picked up Adam after track practice, then Paul came home early to miss the snowy rush hour and we all watched the second half of the movie together.

We all (including Daniel Wigle) watched Sherlock's "The Empty Hearse," which made me laugh in many of the places being cited on Tumblr as designed for fangirls yet did not impress me immensely overall, though Freeman's performances are always a pleasure to watch. (Gatiss and Moffat are trolls.) Then we watched this week's Elementary, which had some lovely moments involving my favorite recurring character though also introduced a bit of backstory I found both predictable and annoying. Some pictures of the view here this evening:


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