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Paul and I are watching A Good Day To Die Hard, which sounds from the title like it should be a Klingon version of Die Hard and would probably be much more enjoyable if it were -- I could handle the speeches about family loyalty if there were clever dialogue and skilled combat instead of lots of cars and windows exploding and Bruce Willis looking like he's having the worst time ever. The directing is mediocre but the real problem is the utter joylessness.

This afternoon we took Daniel back to College Park (where he has announced he is happy to be because the internet is much faster on campus) after all going out to lunch at Minerva. The buffet had both tandoori eggs and paneer tikka masala, plus the usual awesome lentils and some kind of very spicy eggplant. Adam went ice skating in Rockville late in the evening with his girlfriend while we put on this movie. A couple of winter Meadowside Nature Center pics:


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