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I am watching the end of A Knight's Tale on DVD with dementordelta so I will keep this short (before, we were watching And the Oscar Goes To... on TCM -- quite enjoyable, if they show it again). Earlier in the day we went to Fort Washington, which we've seen many times from Mount Vernon but haven't actually visited since 2002. It was built to defend the Potomac River in preparation for the War of 1812 and has armaments from that war through World War II, when it was an army training facility. Adam was at a Chinese New Year party in the evening so the rest of us had pizza. More after the Super Bowl!

There were deer all around the grounds of Fort Washington...

...not terribly afraid of humans, even the ones with fawns.

Here are Daniel and Adam with the cannons in 2002...

...and here they are in 2014.

And another pic from 12 years ago.

They have grown a bit since then.

I have no photos of apaulled and myself from that day in 2002 but I am sure we look exactly the same. *g*

However, I am guessing from my kids' short sleeves that there was no snow on the ground nor ice on the Potomac.

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