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Poem for Saturday, Lego Movie, In the Cards

I Wanna Be Yours
By John Cooper Clarke

let me be your electric meter
I will not run out
let me be the electric heater
you get cold without


Quickie since we spent our Valentine's evening out with Adam and a friend at The Lego Movie, whose delights I cannot begin to summarize: there are dozens of wonderful moments, many jokes that go over the heads of the kids in the audience with references to older movies, beautifully animated 3D that didn't give me a headache as 3D usually does, and a framing story that works really nicely with the theme of the film. Adam has declared it the best movie ever. Me with my boyfriends at the theater:


The rest of my day was spent working on a review of Deep Space Nine's "In the Cards" -- an episode I'd remembered as fair-to-good but on rewatching for the first time in a decade now find mediocre-to-fair -- while watching the men's figure skating long program. This is the first Olympics I've ever been able to watch an entire event, all the skaters in both the short and long programs, and it's been really wonderful, though I wish several of the men skated their programs better and thought Jason Brown deserved higher scores!

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