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Poem for Saturday and DC Spring

Untitled [I know now the beloved]
By Gregory Orr

I know now the beloved
Has no fixed abode,
That each body
She inhabits
Is only a temporary
            That she
Casts off forms
As eagerly
As lovers shed clothes.

I accept that he's
Just passing through
That flower
Or that stone.

And yet, it makes
Me dizzy—
The way he hides
In the flow of it,
The way she shifts
In fluid motions,
Becoming other things.

I want to stop him—
If only briefly.
I want to lure her
To the surface
And catch her
In this net of words.


On the roller coaster that is this season in Washington, our temperatures were back up in the 60s this afternoon. I have to open the door to check the temperature, then check my phone to see what insanity is supposed to occur in the next few hours before I can get dressed every day. Paul worked from home so that we could go pick up Daniel from College Park for spring break after Paul got done with his phone conferences and I finished a review of DS9's "Sons and Daughters". Plus we ran out to the library to grab some reserved items.

We retrieved Daniel on campus, went to pick up his clothes and stuff, then came home for Pi Day, which involved (fake) chicken pot pie for dinner and tollhouse pie for dessert. Our neighbor whose elderly dogs Adam walked before they passed away has a new, younger black lab, so we went over to meet the dog and I wound up chatting with neighbors while Adam and his friend played frisbee and decided they wanted to watch an Avengers movie; since it's now free On Demand, we watched Iron Man 3. Here are some early spring DC pics from earlier this month:

Flowers in one of the National Gallery garden courts...

...and in the main rotunda around the sculpture of Hermes.

Jasper Johns' multimedia Field Painting...

...and a Rothko. I don't know which Untitled this is.

Despite the crazy weather, the forsythia by the Hirshhorn Museum is starting to bloom.

And the starlings are starting to eat what grass they can find...

...while the ducks are enjoying the pond by the National Museum of the Native American.

And the soccer and football players are enjoying the muddy fields.

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