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Poem for Monday and Washington Folk Festival

A Book Of Music
By Jack Spicer

Coming at an end, the lovers
Are exhausted like two swimmers. Where
Did it end? There is no telling. No love is
Like an ocean with the dizzy procession of the waves’ boundaries
From which two can emerge exhausted, nor long goodbye
Like death.
Coming at an end. Rather, I would say, like a length
Of coiled rope
Which does not disguise in the final twists of its lengths
Its endings.
But, you will say, we loved
And some parts of us loved
And the rest of us will remain
Two persons. Yes,
Poetry ends like a rope.


Daniel wanted to sleep late on his day off, so we left him and went to meet Angela and Kevin plus her mother at the Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park. It was wonderful as always -- we went to see Ocean Orchestra, which always opens Sunday morning on the Potomac Palisades Stage, then we visited the craft display in the Bumper Car Pavilion, ate lunch in the picnic area, and stopped on the way to go retrieve Daniel to say hi to some friends and because Laura Baron's singing was so gorgeous:

Foggy Bottom Morris Men

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra

And the delightful Jennifer Cutting herself

Angela with one of HourGlass Creations' capes

With our menfolk outside the Bumper Car Pavilion craft show

Some of the crafters worked while they displayed their wares

Laura Baron with Pat Quinn

Me with Ocean Orchestra's Stephen Winick and Jennifer Cutting

We had to get home early enough in the afternoon for Daniel to get some time behind the wheel; he is coming home from College Park on the weekends this summer so he can get his driver's license before he graduates from college. Then we caught the end of the Orioles game, which they won partly because Machado hit a grand slam, had dinner, and took Daniel food shopping before dropping him off at his apartment. Adam reports that they spent all day at the beach in Rehoboth and barbecued for dinner!

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