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Poem for Tuesday and UMCP Testudos

Chloe's birthday
By Kate Llewellyn

God's mouth
the calm blue sea
waves coming and going
make the breath
accompanying your sleep.

Earth's pulse the tide night and day
never falters
and hearing this
all your life
you know
that sound and love
are only realised
during halts.

For twelve years
you've lived like this
the paddocks stretching away
to the sky.
A crow
day's black eye
calling at dawn.
A wedgetail eagle
flying the world
in its talons
as a kite.
A stag, the kite's emblem
its antlers rake the sky
and pile up clouds.

Your mother's voice
shrill with excitement
at the sight of you
as she waits
at the gate of the school
"Look girls, I've got iceblocks!"

And today
your birthday
a soft wind shuffling the ti-trees
magpies gargling the day
like water.
This land has made you
into a map
you'll always come back.

May grace fall on you Chloe.
May your life be long
and rich as the sea
with the dolphins I swam with
at noon
and may the only tumult you know
be love's.


I am extremely overtired from being up extremely late because three teenage boys having a sleepover were extremely loud, so I am fuzzy on the details of my Monday. I did laundry, cleaned up various dishes, and spent a couple of hours working on a jewelry project. Adam and his friends eventually woke up and went out to lunch, came home for a bit, then went out in a different configuration to dinner; I took a walk, since the weather is still lovely though getting hotter, and saw deer and bunnies.

Cheryl was passing by on her way home from the Williamstown Theatre Festival, so I convinced her to get off the highway and come out for Chinese food with us. We had a wonderful dinner at Grand Fusion, then finished my chocolate cheesecake from the night before. She headed on home and Paul and I watched Endeavour, which I didn't realize ended its second season in a cliffhanger (a certain character better not die or I'm not coming back next season)! From Friday in College Park:

Comcast Center Testudo

McKeldin Library Testudo

Gossett Football Team House Testudo

Riggs Alumni Center Testudo

Stamp Student Union Testudo

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