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Poem for Wednesday and Regional Rabbits

The Prayer of the Mothers
By Sheikha Ibtisam Mahameed and Rabba Tamar Elad-Appelbaum
Translated by Amichai Lau-Lavie

God of Life:
You who heals the broken hearted, binding up our wounds.
Please hear this prayer of mothers.
You did not create us to kill each other
Nor to live in fear or rage or hatred in your world.
You created us so that we allow each other to sustain Your Name in this world:
Your name is Life, your name is Peace.

For these I weep, my eye sheds water:
For our children crying in the night,
For parents holding infants, despair and darkness in their hearts.
For a gate that is closing – who will rise to open it before the day is gone?
With my tears and with my constant prayers,
With the tears of all women deeply pained at these harsh times
I raise my hands to you in supplication: Please God have mercy on us.

Hear our voice that we not despair
That we will witness life with each other,
That we have mercy one for another,
That we share sorrow one with the other,
That we hope, together, one for another.

Inscribe our lives in the book of Life
For Your sake, our God of Life Let us choose Life.
For You are Peace, Your world is Peace and all that is Yours is Peace,
May this be your will
And let us say Amen.


Adam had his pre-college physical exam on Tuesday morning, so we were out of the house bright and early to be at the pediatrician at 9 a.m. even though we are both behind on sleep from the weekend. His checkup went fine, he didn't need shots or anything, but I know I am still overtired, because when he drove us to his friend's house on a gravel road so they could go to Warped Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion together, I couldn't move the van to leave and thought stones must have gotten wedged in the wheel somehow...long story short, I didn't realize that he had left the parking brake on. *facepalm* At least I got to visit with Adam's friend's mother while waiting for a tow I didn't need!

The rest of my day failed somewhat less: Adam went to the music festival with two friends, one of whom has strep throat and thought (hoped?) he was no longer contagious, and I went to World Market (which did not have the containers that I wanted after seeing them in the sale flyer) and A.C. Moore (which had everything I wanted except any phone/data signal while I was shopping). We had hot dogs and shell noodles for dinner, then watched some Diana Rigg Avengers and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver while waiting for Adam's return -- he had a great time at the concert, met I Fight Dragons. But before that, I had a banner bunny day -- seven rabbits today, plus a pair from yesterday:


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