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Poem for Wednesday

Ye Mariners of England
By Thomas Campbell

Ye Mariners of England
That guard our native seas,
Whose flag has braved, a thousand years,
The battle and the breeze--
Our glorious standard launch again
To match another foe!
And sweep through the deep,
While the stormy winds do blow,--
While the battle rages loud and long,
And the stormy winds do blow.

The spirits of your fathers
Shall start from every wave!
For the deck it was their field of fame,
And Ocean was their grave.
Where Blake and mighty Nelson fell
Your manly hearts shall glow,
As ye sweep through the deep,
While the stormy winds do blow,--
While the battle rages loud and long,
And the stormy winds do blow.

Britannia needs no bulwarks,
No towers along the steep;
Her march is o'er the mountain waves,
Her home is on the deep.
With thunders from her native oak
She quells the floods below,
As they roar on the shore
When the stormy winds do blow,--
When the battle rages loud and long
And the stormy winds do blow.

The meteor flag of England
Shall yet terrific burn,
Till danger's troubled night depart
And the star of peace return.
Then, then, ye ocean warriors!
Our song and feast shall flow
To the fame of your name,
When the storm has ceased to blow,--
When the fiery fight is heard no more,
And the storm has ceased to blow.


Pimp of the morning, and it's not LOTR: Keiko's "Prizes Over Discovery" series. Long complicated detailed passionate Aubrey/Maturin that just makes me so terribly happy. Put me in the mood for the above.

Icon by cara_chapel which made me giggle because I love Kermit the Frog and this song was a touchstone of sorts for me in elementary school when I suffered through nicknames like The Jolly Green Midget (I did always get bonus points for my last name during the school St. Patrick's Day count of who had the most green on, however).

I was admiring the icon last night and noted that I couldn't take it as I was out of space for new icons at the moment -- ironically, this was never a problem when the limit was ten and I had many, many Lord of the Rings couples to cycle through, but somehow I have acquired too many fandoms in the interim and no way was I getting rid of any of my spiffy new Master and Commander icons.

So the wonderful cara_chapel gifted me with extra icons! I feel rather embarrassed as a few months ago I was scoffing at people who actually needed fifty icons, and indeed I can't imagine that I actually need more than, oh, thirty-five or so. Yet I am delighted to have them and have already uploaded a whole bunch of my older ones. I suppose I should have a Janeway up there, huh? *smooches Cara* And I want a Peter Pan icon with fairies!

Question: Anyone here with a Palm: can you recommend me a good program for reading and writing longer documents than the text reader that comes with the Palm Zire 71, which has a very limited word count?

Was supposed to have lunch with beeej after crises prevented us from doing it yesterday, but work has exploded (first new Enterprise in weeks and finally has updated their episode info, meaning that we can update ours at TrekToday), so I must go call her and beg her forgiveness and see if we can do it next week, if she is still speaking to me.

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