The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and National Aquarium Jellyfish

By Juan Felipe Herrera, 1948

For Albert Goldbarth & Margarita Robles

Are you going to steal lines collect
manual typewriters 8 miles high the serotonin Albert
Goldbarth mentions the sugary night the howling
speeding most of all are you going to hobble here—
                                                             time travel?
a possible future burns your dolphin karma
forking out 500 lives from now
Whitman in piyamas spotted leopard-like piercing
the unavoidable Void the obsessed B-B-Q where we swoop
                 Bruja             Hoodoo scribble
it is popping Hendrix in your head it is Joplin &
Flor Silvestre & Rosetta Tharpe & Itzpapalotl do you know
how awake you are
                                               8 Fold Path
too dark
too lightning
the visualization is next
the Ukrainian purge the intercontinental money money
O Tsunami where is my crystal realized selfie
          O my love my next Warhol dream in
     revolution rouge & where is
my electric emerald wand rain Vajra
roll the ink & fire stones      unfold the third eyes
the ten million arms of Tara & Einstein
of compassion of mercy of nebula rails come alive
jellyfish flags i bow to you
                   jellyfish world wheel of
swish & suffering


I did not get ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING done on Thursday that I intended to -- okay, I got some photos uploaded and I got some crazy online stuff done, but I didn't fold the laundry or do any cleaning or even see the deer (I did see bunnies, which has been one lovely feature of this summer -- I don't have to walk for an hour just to find one).

I did have froyo with my mother and an unexpected visit from Adam's ex-girlfriend Maddy, who came looking for him while he was at the pool with other friends; she is a lovely girl and it was nice to see her. And I got DS9 watched to review, and Extant, which has good acting but needs better-paced scripts. National Aquarium Jellyfish Invasion:


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