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Poem for Monday and Air & Space Museum

After Mandelshtam
By Reginald Gibbons

To the futile sound
of midnight church bells,
out back someone is
rinsing her thoughts in
universal sky—
a cold faint glowing.
As always stars are
white as salt on the
blade of an old axe.
The rain-barrel’s full,
there’s ice in its mouth.
Smash the ice—comets
and stars melt away
like salt, the water
darkens and the earth
on which the barrel
stands is transparent
underfoot, and there
too are galaxies,
ghost-pale and roaring
silently in the
chambers of the mind.


I had a nice day with my family -- once Adam got back from his movie night sleepover, we picked up my parents and all six of us went downtown to the Air & Space Museum, primarily to see the D-Day IMAX, which is a bit bloodless in every way -- it's meant to be kid-friendly, so parts of the story are depicted as a (very well-designed in 3-D) pop-up book and parts are portrayed in black and white sketches, so there's no real sense of the carnage -- but it covers the planning of the attack and the reasons for how it was carried out very well. We also went to see some of our favorite galleries on the planets and early aviation.

Family in 3-D

Shorter than rockets

Beneath Skylab

Me with Amelia Earhart...

...and her Lockheed Vega, with which she achieved several firsts for women

Son and Soyuz

Hiding in the Underground

Moon Lander

For dinner we went to Il Porto, where I had cheese ravioli and too much sangria so forgive me if I am not entirely coherent! Adam had the gnocchi, which I had last time we were there, and I traded a bit with him. We got Daniel back to College Park for the work week, Adam collapsed after his hectic Sunday, Os and Nats both lost, Paul and I and watched Last Week With John Oliver and Masters of Sex (the latter just keeps getting better). Plus we kept running outside to see whether the supermoon was high enough in the sky to see from our neighborhood yet!

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