The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, Profit and Lace, Fair Animals

By Marc McKee

for DL

Let us for the new all room make.
You say my schooner is upside down
and I say my umbrella is enviable.
The gigantic punishment the sun
says something about broken glass
making every room sparkle-sashed,
every bright beauty terrifies,
the furious gift the sun mugs
through its Rilke routine with its boots
unzipped. With its Italian leather boots
zipped down. What could be
could be better. Think hard, sail
hard, love hard, in the new there should be
a window through which we come
and go as we please without opening
a vein. Midnight and noon square dancing
on the empty stage should be. The ocean,
because always the ocean. The taxis,
because after this, we will be
in no shape to drive. Let us give thanks
for vehicles imagined into real, for
the wings we think onto things
and isn’t it a disorienting play date,
this breathing business, the seethe
of witness and acting, achtung! and all
variance? Let us lick our glossiest lips
at the varying variance. We now
return you to your original question.
One answer is popcorn.


I had a huge amount to do on Friday and I am feeling good because I got most of it done! I finished a review of Deep Space Nine's terrible horrible "Profit and Lace" despite our internet being out for five hours! And Paul and I went to pick up Daniel from College Park, went to get haircuts, did a little shopping, dyed my hair, and went to my parents' for dinner.

Now we are back home, Adam has gone out with a friend, and the rest of us are watching Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction, which is both the funniest and saddest thing I have seen in a week of funny-and-sad. Afterwards we will watch the finale of the Chopped teen tournament since we've watched the rest together! Here are some more photos of animals at the county fair:


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