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Greetings from Roanoke

We have had a wonderful very full day in North Carolina, starting after breakfast in the hotel with a trip to Roanoke Island to visit Fort Raleigh and the Elizabethan Gardens, which were celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Virginia Dare. We stopped in Manteo to see the tall ship Elizabeth II, had lunch, then went to the beach for several hours to swim and toss a football.

It had clouded up a lot in the late afternoon, so after grabbing a snack, we went to the Nature Conservancy's Nags Head Ecological Preserve, where we saw many frogs and toads. It started to rain while we were there, so we did a bit of shopping, then came back to a gorgeous rainbow over the beach. So we took a walk, ate dinner, and watched The Prestige on cable!

At the entrance to the Elizabethan Gardens...

...and with the Queen.

That's the Elizabeth II at right.

Making friends...

...and enjoying the beach!

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