The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Maryland Renfaire

By William Wordsworth

That is work of waste and ruin--
Do as Charles and I are doing!
Strawberry-blossoms, one and all,
We must spare them--here are many:
Look at it--the flower is small,
Small and low, though fair as any:
Do not touch it! summers two
I am older, Anne, than you.

Pull the primrose, sister Anne!
Pull as many as you can.
--Here are daisies, take your fill;
Pansies, and the cuckoo-flower:
Of the lofty daffodil
Make your bed, or make your bower;
Fill your lap, and fill your bosom;
Only spare the strawberry-blossom!

Primroses, the Spring may love them--
Summer knows but little of them:
Violets, a barren kind,
Withered on the ground must lie;
Daisies leave no fruit behind
When the pretty flowerets die;
Pluck them, and another year
As many will be blowing here.

God has given a kindlier power
To the favoured strawberry-flower.
Hither soon as spring is fled
You and Charles and I will walk;
Lurking berries, ripe and red,
Then will hang on every stalk,
Each within its leafy bower;
And for that promise spare the flower!


My day was mostly too boring to discuss -- work, chores, two big bags of stuff to donate yet not a dent in sorting older son's stuffed animals, cats irritated about not getting enough attention. I did not miss the heat for most of this summer; I will not be sorry when it is cooler again! Both kids report that they have lots of work, too.

My evening was not all that much more exciting -- a Bill Maher rerun, Legends (I love Sean Bean but the backstory is convoluted), catching up on Tumblr after a busy weekend (I read by tags, can't take the Nude Photo Wars). Here are some of the performers at the Maryland Renfaire, from which my clothes are finally all laundered:

The Dueling Fools challenge one another's manhood.

Dakota Granados (a.k.a. Don Juan's daughter Esmeralda) throws circular saws at world champion whip cracker Adam Winrich in their Whips and Knives show.

Johnny Fox mid-sword swallowing.

The elephant taking a break from giving rides to get some water and shower the trainers.

Shakespeare's Skum performing Henry V, this year with Core Curriculum and "Happy" jokes.

The Nickel Shakespeare Girls do monologues from the plays on request.

Karl Saliter juggling and playing the harmonica while on a unicycle.

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