The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday, Tears of the Prophets, UMCP

By Mark Doty

A month at least before the bloom
and already five bare-limbed cherries
by the highway ringed in a haze
of incipient fire
                            —middle of the afternoon,
a faint pink-bronze glow. Some things
wear their becoming:
                                     the night we walked,
nearly strangers, from a fevered party
to the corner where you’d left your motorcycle,
afraid some rough wind might knock it to the curb,
you stood on the other side
of the upright machine, other side
of what would be us, and tilted your head
toward me over the wet leather seat
while you strapped your helmet on,
engineer boots firm on the black pavement.

Did we guess we’d taken the party’s fire with us,
somewhere behind us that dim apartment
cooling around its core like a stone?
Can you know, when you’re not even a bud
but a possibility poised at some brink?

Of course we couldn’t see ourselves,
though love’s the template and rehearsal
of all being, something coming to happen
where nothing was…
                                           But just now
I thought of a troubled corona of new color,
visible echo, and wondered if anyone
driving in the departing gust and spatter
on Seventh Avenue might have seen
the cloud breathed out around us
as if we were a pair
of—could it be?—soon-to-flower trees.


We are home between trips to the University of Maryland for Parents' Weekend, which started for us tonight with a reception at the business school. I rushed to post a review of Deep Space Nine's "Tears of the Prophets" so Paul and I could go to College Park in the afternoon. We picked up Daniel and went to dinner at the student union's food court (I had hummus and grape leaves from Moby Dick, the others had Sbarro).

Adam arrived to meet us while we were eating, then we drove Daniel back to his apartment and took Adam to the business school, where we met the undergraduate dean, listened to live jazz, and ate lots of desserts! We also met a bunch of other students' parents, many from our county. Then we took Adam and a friend back to their dorm and came home to get ready for the Terps-Mountaineers game on Saturday!


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