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Poem for Rosh Hashanah and American Metal

The Waters Cannot Return In Repentance
By Yehuda Amichai

The waters cannot return in repentance
To where would they return?
To the faucet, the sources, the ground, the roots,
the cloud, the sea, into my mouth?
The waters cannot return in repentance,
every place is their seas/days of old, their waters of old,
every place a beginning and end, and a beginning.


L'shanah tovah! I had a much less exciting Wednesday than Tuesday, though it was a nice day; I did a bunch of work and chores, then went out to Charming Charlie to buy a bag I saw on sale last week but didn't get (of course, they were sold out), and stopped at AC Moore to use a rewards certificate on glass and fairy lights. We had Rosh Hashanah dinner with my parents, a small group this year since we're having a bigger group to celebrate Daniel's 21st birthday over the weekend.

We watched the fabulous first episode of the David Tennant-narrated Penguins: Spy in the Huddle on PBS, then the increasingly violent Legends which at least has interesting women as well as Sean Bean, and then the season premiere of Nashville which is, well, pretty much Dallas with singing. Some photos from American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley at the Corcoran Museum, which is closing (the exhibit and the museum) for at least a year after this weekend:

A Chanukah menorah by American jeweler and metalsmith Paley.

A metal model of the massive mural at the St. Louis Zoo...

...and a larger metal model of elephants from the mural.

A segment of a cardboard model of the mural, with penguins.

One of Paley's big torch lamps.

And two smaller fabricated steel table-sized lamps.

I love these open metalwork herons.

Models for "The Beckoning," the large sculpture Paley designed for the entrance to National Harbor.

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