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Poem for Saturday, Interstellar, Black Friday

[I'm not with my]
By Joshua Beckman

I'm not with my blue toes or my doggies
nor am I under any arched roof rotting blossoms
in my drain, sunlight pouncing upon me,
nor am I fixed like a tree, nor am I unfixed
like a wind. I ate an apple, that's fine
and after Anthony left I got a whiskey.
I stared a bit like a shadow at a book,
a fold in my shirt showed a monk's bowing head
in a column of dusty light, but I just basically
used it to cover up my arm which was prickling
now because of some awful thing within me.
Big nasty sun making me feel old and then
this lovely gold bird flew up to my lunch.
An actual family of little white turnips
rolling over in the boiling pot like some
clouds is how I act. A great blue sky for a bed
and that beauty make me happy again.


We had a quiet morning at home doing things like watching the new Star Wars trailer, then after lunch we all went to see Interstellar. I really loved it -- definitely some scientific quibbles but it's basically A Wrinkle In Time adapted as science fiction, even the explanation of tesseracts, so in that regard it made me very happy and I liked the entire cast, especially the person I didn't know was in the movie who provided a twist I did not see coming.

We had dinner again with Nicole and her family at my parents' house because they're leaving tomorrow -- we won't see them again till Molly's Bat Mitzvah in January and who knows after that, since we could be visiting Daniel wherever he has a job next Thanksgiving, whoo! -- then came home and, since my Nicole said it was funny and my kids are looking for jobs, watched The Internship. I shut off my feminist brain and tried to enjoy the nerd jokes -- there's Quidditch!


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