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Poem for Tuesday

Love is a Sickness
By Samuel Daniel

LOVE is a sickness full of woes,
  All remedies refusing;
A plant that with most cutting grows,
  Most barren with best using.
          Why so?

More we enjoy it, more it dies;
If not enjoy'd, it sighing cries—
          Heigh ho!

Love is a torment of the mind,
  A tempest everlasting;
And Jove hath made it of a kind
  Not well, nor full nor fasting.
          Why so?

More we enjoy it, more it dies;
If not enjoy'd, it sighing cries—
          Heigh ho!


You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. I look around me and I see it isn't so. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. And that is my excuse for today's poem.

Another snow day, no Hebrew school in the afternoon even, so I must find a way to keep my children entertained as I am petrified to drive in our ice-covered neighborhood that has not been properly plowed. And in between the entertainment I must find a way to write up some articles for TrekToday, like Bruckheimer's movie nosing in on the serious award categories. Depp's nomination is all well and good but if POTC beats M&C or ROTK in any of the technical categories, I may rant a little.

Ah, the Oscar nominees. On the one hand, I am thrilled about the sheer numbers received for my two favorites -- I suspected ROTK would pull in the loot and with Cold Mountain getting the slapdown it deserves, the way looks clear for it to steamroll. But I hadn't dared hope that M&C would do so well and am really hoping this means something, DVD and sequel-wise.

On the other hand, my dilemma about whether to root for Sean Astin or Paul Bettany in the supporting actor category has been most unpleasantly solved for me. And I was even willing not to root for Russell over Johnny if they were both nominated but no -- apparently the two best movies of the year got that way with no quality performances! I can't even complain about snobbishness really if Depp got the nod; it's just strange.

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