The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday

By Shel Silverstein

I've done it, I've done it!
Guess what I've done!
Invented a light that plugs into the sun.
The sun is bright enough,
The bulb is strong enough,
But, oh, there's only one thing wrong...
The cord ain't long enough.


Why yes, my children are home from school for the third day in a row. However could you tell? I'm not sure how much actual new snow we got, but the front steps are slippery enough that I am not going to second-guess the county this time; my husband managed to drive to work with no problem, but I'm just as happy I don't have to walk the kids to school...which of course I will end up doing later anyway, as the best sledding hill within two miles is right behind the middle school that's a block past the elementary school.

I keep discovering that every so-called "expert's guides to slash" invariably includes some bit of information that, in my own very limited experience, is simply not true in all cases. In the context of any given story that someone may be telling, whether it's based on real life or imagination, many things may be both logical and believable, even if they would not be in every single instance.

I assume that most people pick their slash subjects not because they're ordinary guys but because they're extraordinary -- in many cases, they're immortal or live on other worlds or in the future or they can do things with weapons that I couldn't do with twenty years of training. Is it so impossible that they have better control of certain muscles than the average man, or that they have no constraints about crying, or that they actually like to be teased rather than going straight to genital contact?

Speaking of sex, The Onion made me howl once again: "Study: Most Self-Abuse Goes Unreported".

wednesday100: "Radiant", for the mutant powers challenge. I wanted to give Martha what I always said would be my superpower of choice, the ability to see the good in everyone, but it didn't quite work out like that in the writing.

And GIP, because he always is.

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