The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday and Amish Market

Like Any Good American
By Brynn Saito

I bathe my television    in total attention    I give it my corneas  

I give it my eardrums    I give it my longing    

In return I get pictures      of girls fighting    and men flying    

and women in big houses    with tight faces    blotting down tears  

with tiny knuckles     Sometimes my mother calls  

and I don't answer    Sometimes a siren     sings past the window    

and summer air      pushes in      dripping with the scent  

of human sweat         But what do I care      I've given my skin

to the TV     I've given it my tastes     In return     it gives me so many    

different sounds      to fill the silence    where the secrets

of my life      flash by like ad space      for the coming season


Tuesday was a chore day, though a reasonably successful one: the alcove around the coat closet has been completely cleaned out and the shoe racks moved (and it would have been vacuumed if the &@$&% vacuum cleaner were working, which it is not, auuugh). And LiveJournal's Scrapbook is not working either for the third day in a row -- I can see old photos but I can't upload new ones, so I can only post photos from weeks ago, like these from the Amish Markets in Hanover, Pennsylvania when we were last there:


I have just watched Stephen Colbert and Jack Kingston say goodbye to Washington so I am laughing too hard to type, but I don't have much more to say anyway -- I watched Agents of SHIELD in which Skye is an even MORE special snowflake ugh and Forever in which the entire cast continues to delight, I have been given Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-Ray as an early birthday present which I am looking forward to watching, and I may or may not be seeing my kids for my birthday depending on their schedules!

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