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Poem for Friday and Brandywine Museum Critters

From a Bridge Car
By Elias Lieberman

River inscrutable, river mysterious,
    Mornings or evenings, in gray skies or blue,
Thousands of toilers in gay mood or serious,
    Workward and homeward have gazed upon you.

Swirling or sluggish, but ever inscrutable,
    Sparkling or oily, but never the same;
You, like the city, mysterious, mutable,
    Tremble with passions which no on can name.


It was another day of very small triumphs of which I am disproportionately proud! All of my holiday packages and most of my holiday cards are in the mail! And I was only at the post office for about an hour! Plus I survived a trip to the bank branch across from the mall, despite the parking lot being full for the first time in my visits over the past many decades!

In other words, I have nothing much interesting to report. Well, I did go to World Market to get a couple of family Chanukah presents, where I saw a deck of Wonder Woman playing cards that I nobly left on the shelf, then discovered that I couldn't use my $10-off-$30 coupon because I had less than $30 in my basket and figured that was a sign from above to get the cards.

We caught up on The 100 since we forgot all about it doing other things on Wednesday (as with the early HP movies, I feel vaguely guilty in that the grownups interest me so much more than the teens), and we watched Elementary, which I thought was really good this week, not something I've felt all seasons. Brandywine River Museum holiday nature critters:


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