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Poem for Friday and Hillwood Chandeliers

Sea and Rain: Lake Michigan
By Keith Taylor

after James McNeill Whistler, 1865

There is a dance at water’s edge,
a movement between the lake, its sand
and the horizon where lake becomes cloud.

Between those lines our world’s
a thin wash of muted tones, beige
and gray with a hint of white,

almost abstract, until the dancer
steps out into the pool.
She makes the whole thing real.


THIS COUGH CAN STOP ANY TIME REALLY. I won't complain about the cold weather, I won't complain that we still have snow and ice everywhere, but I would like my voice back for the weekend and I would like not to be exhausted from coughing. I got to have a quiet morning, at least, watching Deep Space Nine's "Chimera" since I need to review it, and although I'm not sure it's in my top three best episodes of the series, it is definitely in my top three episodes I love the most, so it's always awesome to have an excuse to rewatch it.

Adam went to an afternoon murder mystery party (with the boy who had surgery a week ago, so that was great news); the rest of us went to get haircuts (mine is not dramatic, just trimmed layers). We had a late dinner with Adam's girlfriend and watched some Adam West Batman with her, then watched Elementary -- any episode in which Sherlock must argue why Bella should have ended up with Jacob instead of Edward in Twilight is by definition a good one. Some of Marjorie Merriweather Post's chandeliers at Hillwood:


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