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Poem for Friday, Meadowlark Turtles, Pride, Imitation Game, Ratatouille

Utopia: Love as Free as a Fountain
By Joe Hall

How could the news come?
We drove with my second cousins to
The orchards at the feet of the Catskills.

We cut three names into a tree.
And when I burned my wrist in the cannery
So badly it began to bubble,

You were there with a bucket of cold water.
Among the tons of softening apples
You smelled like cinnamon burning. That night

I watched you play the piano with Jamie and Evan
Who were both, at some point, your lovers-
My heart in such a confusion,

Their bows drawing diagrams in the air,
This moment so close to prayer.


I had plans with dementordelta last Monday, but because of the snowpocalypse that never hit DC, we postponed till Thursday. This was definitely the right call, as we only had a little bit of sleet and ice rather than actual snow this evening, and we got to do lots of fun things -- watch Pride, which remains delightful, go out to the mall and get Blaze Pizza for lunch, then go see The Imitation Game, which she had not seen and which remains excellent in nearly every way.

Plus we watched Ratatouille, because what's not to love? By then apaulled was home, so he watched with us, which put us in the mood for ratatouille for dinner, which we ate since we had some with tofu frozen from a couple of weeks ago. I did not love Kitty's story on Elementary in the late evening but Watson rocked in the episode. We still have snow on the ground and I'm ready for the light back, so here are some Meadowlark Gardens turtles from last spring:


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