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Poem for Wednesday and Frozen Great Falls

Blue Is Beautiful Amy but the Story Is So the '90s
By Farrah Field

I wanted to be the one who thought of truck bed walls.
You locked yourself in the bathroom
so I couldn't brush my teeth before bed.
Where is this going and will it be successful? I hate bullies.
She's been everywhere she even heard
the shot that killed John Lennon.
From now on I'm sticking up
for myself. My notes and to-do's have flowers.
I don't want to die. I feel scared all the time.
What you looked like as a child is clear.
The way you run from the hot tub
and throw yourself in the pool.
When they were joining the EU.
I worry about mine.
Have you ever seen your own cervix?
You're like a natural matzoh ball maker.
Why did I ever want to be in the couple
with the white walls three shoes and lots of art.
Scarves from museum shops.
I sat your kid on my counter
and we spilled food everywhere.
The nickname grandchildren give is the one you die with.
Everyone wanted to see a movie where the woman turns to stone.
They say Maria Falconetti never acted again.
The gym was impossible after I fell on my knee.
I walked up to you and cried.
Why do you treat your son better than your daughter.
Talk about something else like did anyone ever call you bro.


"In response to Krzysztof Kieslowski's film Blue, I wonder why Juliette Binoche's character doesn't finish her masterpiece with the help of a woman," Field told "I consider this--women needing women--in my poem."

It was cold but clear on Tuesday, though I didn't enjoy it at all till after noon because after fighting a four-day migraine caused by accidentally slamming my head in the trunk while moving older son's laundry home last weekend, I finally took Imitrex and had to go back to bed for an hour, which pleased my cats a lot but meant I got nothing at all done in the morning.

Afternoon was work and chores and boring stuff, then apaulled came home and we went to Lebanese Taverna with wolfshark, artemis_prime, and their spouses, none of whom we had managed to see since last year. It was lovely, then we came home for Agent Carter and Forever which were both pretty enjoyable too. Some more Great Falls photos from Sunday:


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