The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Last Year's Color

What is the Grass?
By Lee Ann Brown

The child asks, bringing it to me in handfuls.
We stop at the Walt Whitman Service Area—
No sign of Him save some "Democratic Vistas"
& "Drum Taps" on a plaque near the Micky D's

Let's go find the grass

I say to my two-year-old beauty and
We pick one blade from the median
Then back we go in the forever car

Hours later, pulling into Richmond
She, half awake in my arms mumbles

Let's go find the grass


Nope, still nothing exciting to report. Thursday was clear and pretty, but there was serious wind chill which is supposed to be much worse on Friday; the bunnies and deer were hiding, even the squirrels were sluggish. I worked at home and only went out to do thrilling chores at CVS. I forgot until late in the day that it was Free Nutella Chips day at California Tortilla so I missed it!

I am reviewing DS9's endgame, which is thrilling and depressing at the same time -- great episodes but it's almost over, this week it's "Strange Bedfellows" which has the best scene between Kira and the Kai of all. Elementary made me bite my nails because animals were in jeopardy, but it had a good though unresolved twist! Flowers from last spring at Baltimore's Howard Rawlings Conservatory:


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