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Poem for Saturday, The Changing Face of Evil, Druid Park

By Louise Imogen Guiney

Through all the evening,
All the virginal long evening,
Down the blossomed aisle of April it is dread to walk alone;
For there the intangible is nigh, the lost is ever-during;
And who would suffer again beneath a too divine alluring,
Keen as the ancient drift of sleep on dying faces blown?

Yet in the valley,
At a turn of the orchard alley,
When a wild aroma touched me in the moist and moveless air,
Like breath indeed from out Thee, or as airy vesture round Thee,
Then was it I went faintly, for fear I had nearly found Thee,
O Hidden, O Perfect, O Desired! O first and final Fair!


One morning I will wake up without a weather advisory on my phone, but Friday was not the day -- we had wind chill warnings all day, plus alerts about snow and freezing rain expected on Saturday. I don't particularly dislike winter -- the dark before the solstice bothers me more than the cold -- but I am really over arctic temperatures and snow disrupting going anywhere, particularly to see relatives and friends who live north of here! We had plans to see my father-in-law for his birthday on Saturday, but due to the forecast, those have been postponed.

We did retrieve older son from College Park so he could drive us around, and I did post a review of DS9's "The Changing Face of Evil", another of my all-time favorites. We had Chinese food with my parents and now we're watching the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special since we missed it when it first aired -- it is a delight to see McCartney and Simon singing together and a delight to see Steve Martin looking like he hasn't aged, though except for Betty White, a lot of the new material dragged in comparison to the clips. From Baltimore's Druid Park last spring:


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