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Extreme quickie because Academy Awards! Not much to report from the rest of the day anyway; we met up with Cheryl, took Daniel back to College Park and went food shopping with him, then stopped to see Adam for five minutes to drop off cookies, after which we gave Cheryl the quickie car tour of campus where we saw a lot of snow and a big flock of geese and some of the Testudo sculptures:


My main goal for the Oscars was for American Sniper not to win any big awards, so since Selma regrettably couldn't either, I was reasonably happy. Though screenplay for the male midlife crisis movie that was admittedly the best-directed movie I've ever seen but had so much macho crap built in that the director compared his ego with his prick, oh please. Moments I loved: NPH celebrating the Matt/Ben love during the first moments of the show, everything about the "Everything Is Awesome" performance (plus all the cracks about The Lego Movie's egregious lack of an animated film nomination), Patricia Arquette fighting for working women, Gaga + Julie Andrews, Common and John Legend's performance of (and victory for) "Glory" while Oyowelo (who was in the movie) and Pine (who wasn't) were bawling their eyes out in the audience, and Idina Menzel and John Travolta presenting together after NPH claimed that "Benedict Cumberbatch" was what happened when Travolta tried to say "Ben Affleck." I'm delighted for Julianne and Eddie though there were lots of other deserving people in both categories, glad Wes Anderson had a relatively good night, really sad for Richard Linklater. More tomorrow!

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