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Poem for Wednesday and Frosty Great Falls

By Elizabeth Drew Stoddard

The crimson dawn breaks through the clouded east,
And waking breezes round the casement pipe;
They blow the globes of dew from opening buds,
And steal the odors of the sleeping flowers.
The swallow calls its young ones from the eaves,
To dart above their shadows on the lake,
Till its long rollers redden in the sun,
And bend the lances of the mirrored pines.
Who knows the miracle that brings the morn?
Still in my house I linger, though the night—
The night that hides me from myself is gone.
Light robes the world, but strips me bare again.
I will not follow on the paths of day.
I know the dregs within its crystal hours;
The bearers of my cups have served me well;
I drained them, and the bearers come no more.
Rise, morning, rise, for those believing souls
Who seek completion in day’s garish light.
My casement I will close, keep shut my door,
Till day and night are only dreams to me.


On Tuesday after a bunch of morning chores, I went out to mail a package at the post office -- where it took as long to find a parking space as it did to wait in line and pay for postage at the counter -- then to do what I thought would be a very easy, quick task at the mall, namely to find a pair of 100% cotton plain black leggings. Wrong! It is easy to find black jeggings, black tights, black spandex leggings, black lacy leggings, black stretch denim leggings with or without little glittery studs -- oh, and 100% cotton plain olive green leggings -- but neither Macy's nor Old Navy nor Sears nor any of a bunch of smaller clothing stores had what I wanted. (It is possible that Nordstrom did, but the online price for black cotton leggings at Nordstrom is $55 and I'd rather just wear pyjamas.)

In consolation for all this failure, I did get two pairs of corduroy stretch pants that were originally $44 each for $3.99 apiece at Macy's "get this winter stuff off our racks please so we can put out the summer stuff" sale, plus a $58 robe for $5.99. Paul made a belated birthday dinner for my mother, so we ate with my parents. Most of my TV shows were not on and we still haven't caught up on Sunday's shows because our Comcast TV is still not working -- allegedly Comcast is coming to do something about this tomorrow -- but we did manage to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where I must report that Skye is still the most special snowflake who ever flaked and we should all feel deeply sorry for her because of this! Here are some photos of the ice and snow at Great Falls last weekend:


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