The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Home II

Jetlag is kicking my butt this evening! I know I did stuff today besides washing laundry, putting away camera stuff, uploading photos, petting my cats, taking a walk to see bunnies, and trying to remember where I packed my deodorant, but I can't at the moment remember what those things were. Tomorrow is a big number birthday for my husband and on his last big number birthday, I completely overlooked it because we'd just flown to London and I had no idea what day it was, so I can't afford to be too sleepy and forget tomorrow!

So I'll go crash, and work on my trip report when I can see clearly, and leave you with some photos of Fontrevaud, where my favorite Plantagenet monarch was once buried (and may still be, though neither Eleanor of Aquitaine nor her son Richard the Lionheart are in their official tombs, which were looted during the French Revolution -- stories persist that they were reburied in secret on the property, but no one has found them if so). The abbey later became the prison where Jean Genet set his stories before it was restored.


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