The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and <lj comm

By Hayden Carruth

The great poems of
our elders in many
tongues we struggled

to comprehend who
are now content with
mystery simple

and profound you
in the night your
breath your body

orbit of time and
the moment you
Phosphorus and

Hesper a dark circle
of fertility so
bloodthirsty for us

you in the world
the night breathing
asleep and alive.


mandc100: "Pastoral", for the wordplay challenge, though I'm not really sure it counts. Diana/Jack/Stephen because I can't possibly resist that combination and I'm not sure how she could, either.

I must have November Project's "It Is Time," and my illegal mp3 cuts off before the end, but it's $17 for a five-song CD. Is that too much? (Talk me into buying this; I want to be persuaded.)

Today I am going to the post office to mail a package that is nine days overdue to the lovely liars_dance, who has sent me Jack Aubrey Commands! *snogs her and sends RPS affectionate e-mail*

Also, I have hilarious squirrel pictures to post, but those must wait till later. *mwah*

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