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Poem for Wednesday and National Zoo Guests

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It is going to be a week of quickies because I am getting to see lots of friends -- Annmarie on Sunday, Cheryl on Monday, Mila on Thursday, and on Tuesday it was Rachel, who is in town for a conference! Although she used to live not far from here, she had never been to the National Zoo, so we met there late in the afternoon and went to see the sloth bears, small-clawed otters, fisher cats, and pandas on the Asia Trail, dozens of birds in the Bird House and Flight Cage, elephants and lions in their enclosures, and permanent zoo guests like ducklings, mice, deer, and herons:

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The weather could not have been more beautiful. After quick visits to Amazonia and the Small Mammal House, we walked to the car and went to Paragon Thai, where we had green and yellow curry among other dishes, all of which were great. We got Rachel back to her hotel in time for her to watch The Flash and caught up with the second half when we got home, then we watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was more confusing than The Flash despite having missed so much of the former and did not leave me panting to see Age of Ultron, though I figure by the weekend maybe I'll be more inspired!

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