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Poem for Monday, Sheep & Wool, Brighton Dam

Spring Night
By Kim Sowol
Translated by David R. McCann

In dark tresses of the weeping willow’s ancient limbs,
in vivid blue of the swallow wing blouse,
and there by the wine house window, just look. Hasn’t spring
settled in?

Silently the winds blow, weep, sigh
while without a reason we know sadness and longing this
dark spring night
as gentle vapors rise and cover the ground.


Sunday was as beautiful a day as Saturday and I got to do more lovely things! Annmarie came over and Paul made us all brunch, then we drove to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival past lots of flowers and farms in Howard County. We saw many lambs and sheep, plus lots of crafts, food, and yarn from Kiparoo and Dancing Leaf farms. On the way to College Park afterward, we stopped at Brighton Dam's azalea garden, which isn't at peak yet, but there were plenty of pink and purple flowers and the white and red ones were starting to open.


We took Daniel food shopping and dropped him off at his study group, left a bag of food for Adam as well, and went with Annmarie to California Tortilla for burritos before she had to go home. Then we watched Madam Secretary (not sure it's believable -- though, really, Whitewater wasn't either -- but it's a lot of fun to watch) and an episode of Inspector Lewis. I know I haven't talked about sports much because I don't really care whether American Pharaoh beat Mayweather (I stole that joke from SNL), but the Wizards and Caps are making me happy!

May the Fourth Be With You!

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