The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday and Hanover Shoe Farms Foals

horse vision
By Julian Talamantez Brolaski

clock reads 7 at all hours
juncos make selves known in the snow
this time dawdling
I write in horse, but I see in athabascan
when it's time for elevensies, the clock reads 7
what telling fortune therewith
time is a thing that gets spent, like youth, $ and desire
n/t so lovely as a cardinal against the snow
or a tree w/ fruit on it
by the time I have ceased to write this
it will already be 7
adjourned to the park
n/thing will come of n/t
starfish creaked in the wood
lurid amulet    w/ a fish onnit
sign reads SEVEN all day & at all hours
the dogs curse each other from afar
in dog language
when did the word corrupt begin to take on a moral cast?
horses see in wide angle, and have a much wider periphery than humans,
but with a blind spot in the very center
so if you want to be sympathetic to a horse say sucks
about those blinders
or if you want to make fun of a horse, tell them
they can't even see whats in front of their face


So tonight my Bad Blogger excuse is that I'm having three conversations online at once. Sorry! I haven't even apologized yet for the Caps and Wizards both blowing it in the playoffs, let alone how the Orioles have been playing. I did have a nice Saturday -- we went to visit Paul's parents in Hanover, where we had lunch before Paul helped them set up a wireless network with their new computer and router while I helpfully agreed to test it by checking Facebook and Pinterest. Sadly, the groundhog was hiding. Then we went to Hanover Shoe Farms, where we saw many adorable mares and foals!


We drove home in pouring rain that made us very very late, listening to the Preakness on the radio in the car. In the evening we watched this week's very good Orphan Black (yes PLEASE let's get back to Sarah and Cosima) and started watching this week's Outlander, but midway through the badfic porn non-con prison scene, I said screw this, we're watching Saturday Night Live even if it's a terrible rerun. I am so done with that. So far SNL is entirely mediocre but I didn't feel nearly as dirty even after the elf porn skit. Now I feel better about Tony Stark sneaking into my affections!

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