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Greetings from Fenwick Island

Rain was forecast for the Delaware beaches on Thursday morning, but never arrived. Instead, although there was a cool breeze for a while in the afternoon, it was another gorgeous day, partially overcast which made it easier to be out in the sun for many hours. We went to the beach in the morning, where we saw dolphins leaping in the waves quite close to the shore, then we went to Grotto Pizza for lunch since it's a Rehoboth institution.

In the afternoon we drove to Fenwick Island, which we used to visit regularly when we came to Delmarva. We stopped at a couple of stores we like, particularly the Seaside Country Store, which has food downstairs and all-year Christmas and Halloween upstairs, and Sea Shell City, though we were sad to discover that the Discover Sea Shipwreck Museum upstairs was not yet open for the season so we couldn't see the RMS Republic and Senora de Atocha items there.

We also played Viking Golf, where we took the kids every year when they were young, though Adam shockingly found it tacky now! We drove through Sea Colony to see the lake before coming back to go to the beach again, then having Nic-o-bolis for dinner and Kohr Bros. soft serve for dessert. The sunset was gorgeous -- we saw it partly from the boardwalk and partly from our balcony, from which we can see both the Rehoboth water tower and the ocean!

Maritime souvenirs from the Seaside Country Store in Fenwick Island.

Sea Shell City ("Shell City is a gift shop??!!") where tragically the Discover Sea Museum was closed!

Playing miniature golf at Viking Golf, where there are dragons Midgard and Kangor...

...and trolls, and Thor and Odin, and longboats, and runes, and other very realistic historical portrayals!

Custom buoys at Fenwick Float-ors -- I love the Halloween one.

Fenwick Island Lighthouse was completed in 1858, when it stood alone on a peninsula on the Delaware-Maryland border. Now it is surrounded by houses and shops.

The Bethany Beach "totem pole" (actually a sculpture by Peter Toth from the 1970s).

Ordering Nic-o-bolis at Nicola's Pizza, a Rehoboth institution since my childhood.

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