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Greetings from Tukwila

I am in Seattle! Well, technically Tukwila, since we are staying out by the airport where it is much less expensive, but we spent all afternoon in the city center and in Belltown, where Daniel is looking for an apartment for when he starts work next month for Amazon. I felt like the oldest person in that part of the city -- we passed hundreds of people in their twenties, many walking dogs (apparently you can bring your dog to work at several places, and there was a doggie day care across the street from the crepe place at which we ate lunch). We looked at two really gorgeous residences and they aren't even Daniel's first choice -- we are visiting that one on Saturday.

We did not have the easiest of flights, though it took off and landed when it was supposed to; we had to leave the house around 6 a.m. and we were in the very last row, right in front of the bathrooms, meaning not only that the seats didn't recline, but that since I was sitting on the aisle, I literally had my head slammed into by every oversized butt that went past me. To make up for that, we had gorgeous weather when we arrived, and after looking at several apartments, we went to the International Fountain and the plaza around the Space Needle (we'll go back tomorrow or Sunday for the Chihuly exhibit and hopefully the Star Wars exhibit at the EMP Museum)!

We were pretty fried by dinnertime, so we stopped at the Westfield mall near our hotel and grabbed dinner at the food court (I had very good Thai peanut noodles with tofu; everyone else had Subway). I am proud that I managed to remember to post my retro review of Star Trek: Voyager's "Emanations" in the midst of the travel and everything! Here are a few family photos, including the view from one of the buildings where Daniel might end up living, though not this apartment -- I will post the rainbows in the fountain, the art deco Armory building facade, the glass sculptures, etc. when I can get them cropped!


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