The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Chihuly Color

Main Character
By Jimmy Santiago Baca

I went to see
How the West Was Won
at the Sunshine Theater.
Five years old,
deep in a plush seat,
light turned off,
bright screen lit up
with MGM roaring lion-
in front of me
a drunk Indian rose,
the western violins
and hurled his uncapped bagged bottle
of wine
at the rocket roaring to the moon.
His dark angry body
convulsed with his obscene gestures
at the screen,
and then ushers escorted him
up the aisle,
and as he staggered past me,
I heard his grieving sobs.
Red wine streaked
blue sky and take-off smoke,
sizzled cowboys’ campfires,
dripped down barbwire,

slogged the brave, daring scouts
who galloped off to mesa buttes
to speak peace with Apaches,
and made the prairie
lush with wine streams.
When the movie
was over,
I squinted at the bright
sunny street outside,
looking for the main character.


Wednesday was just as much of a chore day as Tuesday and the last load of laundry is STILL not folded. In happier news, Daniel and I have been to the eye doctor and have new glasses for both of us on order. I have decided to brave progressives again, because I always need my computer glasses when I don't have them and vice versa, plus I don't have a pair that will allow me to see the laptop on which I'm typing this and the TV across the room clearly at the same time. Let's hope this time I don't spend days falling over.

Because we were right near his office, we picked up Paul and went out for Indian buffet for a late lunch. In the evening, since Daniel had not seen Thor: The Dark World, he requested that we watch it, and as you can imagine, that was not a hardship for me. How much do I wish Jane and Darcy were in the Avengers movies (I'd even tolerate Pepper if she and Jane could have a scene together)! Here are some more photos from the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle, all indoor shots this time:


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