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Poem for Sunday, Jurassic World, Seattle Piers

By Page Starzinger

Vestigial leavinges
and fragmentes.
These. However: whole—
         like us
a piecing together;

or a kind of gluing,
like dinosaurs from Hell Creek Formation,
with soft tissue and blood vessels inside

is not the point, not even
Chomsky’s theory—embedding entities
within like entities—a tree structure.
Because the most powerful ancient

Amazon cultures, who resist
change, have no stories
for what came before. There, prosody—present tense:
woman winding raw
cotton, child at her feet, singing

a series of notes,
like a muted horn (what

is not enough about this? Could we fall prey

to transcendence,
and reduce, to a point that is
fugitive; you are at the tip

of my tongue, then
not. Just like a leaf drifting
out of the picture. It’s called

not simply gone,
but out of experience. Of Christ
they ask: Have you met


It was beastly hot on Saturday but that did not affect me much: we spent the afternoon at Jurassic World and the evening going out to dinner in Virginia with a friend and her family, both of which were extremely enjoyable. Jurassic World manages to combine the best aspects of a remake and a reboot -- I love that it's a sequel, not a reimagining, even if that means the sexual and racial politics are not much improved from the original. I also love Chris and Bryce's chemistry although Chris and the raptors' chemistry is kind of more interesting.

In the evening we went to Crystal City to have Ethiopian food at Enjera, where we met Laurie, Hal, and, among other members of their family, their daughter who's moving to the area. I'd never been there before and the food was excellent. Now we're watching Orphan Black ripping off Blade Runner (quite well, I might add). Here are some photos from the area around Seattle's Piers 62 and 63, including the aquarium, the football and baseball stadiums, the ferris wheel at Pier 57, the ferries, Mount Rainier, and one of the city's totem poles:


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