The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and Golf Lighthouses

By Leonora Speyer

The squall sweeps gray-winged across the obliterated hills,
And the startled lake seems to run before it;
From the wood comes a clamor of leaves,
Tugging at the twigs,
Pouring from the branches,
And suddenly the birds are still.

Thunder crumples the sky,
Lightning tears at it.

And now the rain!
The rain—thudding—implacable—
The wind, reveling in the confusion of great pines!

And a silver sifting of light,
A coolness;
A sense of summer anger passing,
Of summer gentleness creeping nearer—
Penitent, tearful,


My Monday was all about chores because I am spending the rest of the week with Paul's relatives -- both his brothers are coming to the east coast with their families, and we're doing a bunch of sightseeing with them and their parents, plus a baseball game with my parents. So I had to get laundry done and organize computer stuff and things like that. My parents took Daniel to lunch and shopping for a bed to have delivered in Seattle, and Adam brought his girlfriend over to study calculus.

I was not as pleased with the Supreme Court as I was last week -- the lethal injection decision disgusts me and the EPA decision absolutely boggles me -- it's okay to poison people since that's more cost-effective than not poisoning them? At least they won't let Texas shut nearly all its abortion clinics. We spent the evening catching up on Key & Peele after I watched Voyager so I can get my review done over the course of the week! Some of the lighthouses at the Dulles Golf Center's mini golf course:


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