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Poem for Monday, HP, Brookside Butterflies Plus

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We had another quiet morning, so I installed Windows 10 onto my desktop because I've been very happy with it on my laptops and tweaked the settings (I have Cortana turned off everywhere, and it boots faster and locks up less often than before). Then we had eggs and potatoes for brunch and went to Brookside Gardens to see the butterflies at Wings of Fancy and the turtles, frogs, swallows, and lots of other pond life as well as summer flowers in the garden:

Butterflies and Pond LifeCollapse )

Because my parents hadn't seen Adam in a while since he was in College Park, we had dinner with them, then came home and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with both Adam and Cheryl long distance -- still my favorite of the movies stylistically, though the screenplay has some inexplicable holes that a few seconds' worth of dialogue from the books could have fixed ("Who wrote the Marauders' Map?" etc.). The casting is pretty wonderful.

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