The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

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*cries* I am watching the last-ever Daily Show (Stephen just had to snuggle Jon so he couldn't be seen sobbing on TV) with Paul, Adam, and Christine, so I am distracted. I have not much else to report from my day, apart from fighting a war with Google Sync in which I reorganized files really well on one computer only to have them refuse to sync on the other, and catching up on I Am Cait (still an insane juxtaposition of her privilege with her struggle), Masters of Sex (a bit all over the place this season, hard to get emotional about any storyline), and all the Stewart tributes leading up to this finale (waaaaaah!). So have a miniature fairy ring from inside Winterthur last winter (the big one is outdoors year-round) -- more tomorrow!


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