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Poem for Tuesday and Renaissance Festivals

Leave Me, O Love Which Reachest But To Dust
By Philip Sidney

Leave me, O love which reachest but to dust,
And thou, my mind, aspire to higher things;
Grow rich in that which never taketh rust:
Whatever fades but fading pleasure brings.
Draw in thy beams, and humble all thy might
To that sweet yoke where lasting freedoms be,
Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light
That doth both shine and give us sight to see.
O, take fast hold; let that light be thy guide
In this small course which birth draws out to death,
And think how evil becometh him to slide
Who seeketh heaven, and comes of heavenly breath.
Then farewell, world! thy uttermost I see:
Eternal Love, maintain thy life in me.


After Sunday at at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Paul and I spent Monday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with Cheryl and Annmarie! We saw two Dueling Fools shows, the abridged Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's Skum, several musical performers, and our neighbors the Wigles, whom we ran into when their kids were on the giant slide. Plus I got my macaroni-on-a-stick and we all had various desserts and many, many beverages on this hot Labor Day! Now our friends have returned to their respective homes, we're watching the Ohio State/Virginia Tech game which has become very boring in the second half, and I am pondering all the things I have to catch up on Tuesday...


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