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Poem for Tuesday and Rosh Hashanah

Hashiveinu: Return Us
By Ilana Joy Streit

Return us to ourselves
Return us to each other

Return us to the earth
Return us to our Land: the land beneath our feet

Return us to This Moment

Return us to our knowing
  remembering that we know

Return us to our rhythms
Return us to our drums

Return us to sleep in the middle of the night

Return us to our deepest desires
  our shared loves
  our clear visions

Return us to our bodies
  to our breath
  to breathing easily

Return us to knowing
  how beautiful we are

Return us to ourselves
Return us to each other

Return us to our good questions
  our bare feet
  our brilliant minds
  our singing voices

Return us to falling in love
  with ourselves
    and each other

Return us to our Shrines
  and to our shrine-keeping

Return us to our places of peacemaking

Return us to trusting each other
  and ourselves

Return us
  turn us
    and we will dance and be held
and behold that we are whole
and be in harmony with You

Return us
  keep turning us
for everything is within us
for Torah will keep coming out of us

for sweetness is
  within us
and longs to return to You


We had a very low-key Rosh Hashanah, though a nice one -- my parents unexpectedly took us out to lunch at the Original Pancake House, where we went for many years before services with the kids, then Paul worked from home the rest of the day. Since the weather has been cool and gorgeous the past couple of days, I decided it was time to get my closet in order for the fall, and after finishing a bunch of work, I spent the late afternoon sorting clothes to donate. (I have an insane number of fannish t-shirts, mostly Star Trek and Harry Potter -- anyone interested?)

For dinner, Paul made apple cider (non)chicken with the cider we bought at the farm on Sunday. We watched some football around Masters of Sex, on which we were a week behind, though we're now caught up (oh, Bill, you are such an idiot in every way, and Virginia, there's no excuse for your parenting insensitivity; Libby, run while you can). I forgot @midnight was on at 11 until just now; at least I didn't forget Colbert. Some photos from the plaza outside the pancake house and the mural inside and outside the adjacent building, plus apples and honey:


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