The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Glorious day in Seattle, partly cloudy, in the 60s, colorful fall leaves everywhere not dominated by evergreen. We spent most of it near the center of the city -- brief walk to the waterfront to see the Olympic Sculpture Park, up to the Armory for Mod Pizza for lunch (feta and parmesan with balsamic fig sauce mmmmm), Olympic Fountain, EMP Museum free for Smithsonian Museum Day to see sci-fi, horror, rock & roll and sports; we paid only for Star Wars costume exhibit, Ti22 for Thai for dinner, glorious almost-full moon over the Space Needle as we walked back to have birthday cake for Daniel's 22nd:

Me, Darth Vader, and a Minion

Olympic Sculpture Park

With David Bowie's Labyrinth Costume

Paul Being a Wookie

Daniel and Darth Vader

Look Out There's an Alien Behind You

With Rare Unsmashed Nirvana Guitar

Not Quite Big Enough To Be a Seattle Seahawk

Birthday Dinner

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