The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Seahurst Park

Summer 1999
By Clair Dunlap

i grew up sipping on
salt & soundgarden,
burning my shoulders salmon pink.

i cradled armfuls of blushing yakima cherries
swam with buoyant watermelon belly
full and deep as the entire puget sound.

i curled coastline into my bed
after these longest days,
the windows wide open
trees all lullabying.


Most of my Thursday was unexciting, but I got to have lunch with Karen at Tara Thai, which makes it a good day -- plus I got to walk around Washingtonian Lake and see the geese, cormorants, and the biggest carp I've ever seen. The trees are starting to turn so there was a lot of color. Later we took what turned out to be a long walk around the neighborhood because we got into conversations with several neighbors about everything from contractors to coverage of the 2016 election (which in fairness I only watch on late night comedy shows). The bunnies were busy eating and ignored us.

Heroes Reborn was really good, though I wish there were a more prominent female character, not a villain, neither support for a guy nor in need of aid/rescuing...I want Claire back! Surely they can borrow her from Nashville? And Sleepy Hollow had me squeeing aloud. Ichabbie roommates! Some photos from Seahurst Park in Burien, which is so close to SeaTac Airport that you can get there without having to drive on the highway, meaning there's no way you'll miss your plane even if you go on the morning you're flying out. It's right on Puget Sound and you can see the Olympic Mountains!


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