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Poem for Thursday, Bottle Shock, Eastern Market

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We had Angela and Kevin over for shish kebabs and Bottle Shock (still delightful -- Chris Pine with long hair, Napa Valley scenery, and Alan Rickman quoting Galileo, "Wine is sunlight held together by water"). Which of course required wine. The weather was gorgeous all day, though some autumn allergen gave me an overnight and early-morning sinus headache until I took meds to compensate. There are still plenty of green leaves, so the red leaves look particularly gorgeous in contrast.

We just watched this week's Nashville, on which nearly every character acted like he or she was an eleven year old entitled brat, plus there wasn't enough music, though after reading that Hayden Panettiere is in treatment for postpartum depression, her character's storyline seems so sad. Now I am going to go crash. Here are some photos from the flea market at DC's Eastern Market, including paintings by Zachary Sasim, who did the Capitol in fruit and the monuments as Van Gogh's Starry Night:

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