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Poem for Friday and Star Wars Costumes

Dear Michael (25)
By Mark McMorris

If poetry is not bread

to fortify the righteous

is it because we miss

in it the savor of contest

the whisper of blessing

over a martyr’s name

the light of sacral plans

to take the citadel once

and for all, or give it up?

On the original streets

lit by the sun of nineteenth-

century novels the workers

are gathering to march

for their dignity and bread.

The planters did not die

of happiness. Other exhibits

show their meadows

their horses and women

the English sunset in lands never more than a sigh

like a vowel far from home.

We ask too much when of

the little that we have.

In good health fondly yours.


This week's weather is making up for all the rain last week -- yet again it was gorgeous out and I got to enjoy it several times, not least because we had to move all vehicles out of our parking lot which is being repaved tomorrow along with half our neighborhood so we all had to park several blocks away! I had lunch with Kay for her birthday at our usual (Tara Thai) where we had our usual (pad see ew) which the hostess knew we wanted before we needed to order. Then I walked a bit around Washingtonian Lake because it was so pretty before coming home to learn that the plumber thought two of our toilets need repairs.

I saw my parents briefly -- they brought us fresh fruit and vegetables -- and got a bit of work and other projects done before taking another walk, where this time a bunny put in an appearance after hiding for several days. We watched tonight's Heroes Reborn (every episode should involve an anime convention -- really every episode could be 85% Katana Girl, though she needs some girlfriends) and Sleepy Hollow (there should be a ban on Jack the Ripper stories, no one's new angles on them are ever that interesting, but Ichabbie <3). Here are some more photos from the Star Wars costume exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle:

R2-D2, C-3PO, and fans

Anakin and Padme's wedding

Emperor and Jedi

Fett family armor from front and back

At left, Leia's mom; at right, the man who raised Leia

Young and adolescent Anakin

Ignore the guards and soldiers, this is here because Chewbacca

Padme owns a lot of velvet

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