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Poem for Monday

On Hearing of the Intention of a Gentleman to Purchase the Poet's Freedom
By George Moses Horton

When on life's ocean first I spread my sail,
I then implored a mild auspicious gale;
And from the slippery strand I took my flight,
And sought the peaceful haven of delight.

Tyrannic storms arose upon my soul,
And dreadful did their mad'ning thunders roll;
The pensive muse was shaken from her sphere,
And hope, it vanished in the clouds of fear.

At length a golden sun broke through the gloom,
And from his smiles arose a sweet perfume--
A calm ensued, and birds began to sing,
And lo! the sacred muse resumed her wing.

With frantic joy she chaunted as she flew,
And kiss'd the clement hand that bore her through;
Her envious foes did from her sight retreat,
Or prostrate fall beneath her burning feet.

'Twas like a proselyte, allied to Heaven--
Or rising spirits' boast of sins forgiven,
Whose shout dissolves the adamant away,
Whose melting voice the stubborn rocks obey.

'Twas like the salutation of the dove,
Borne on the zephyr through some lonesome grove,
When Spring returns, and Winter's chill is past,
And vegetation smiles above the blast.

'Twas like the evening of a nuptial pair,
When love pervades the hour of sad despair--
'Twas like fair Helen's sweet return to Troy,
When every Grecian bosom swell'd with joy.

The silent harp which on the osiers hung,
Was then attuned, and manumission sung;
Away by hope the clouds of fear were driven,
And music breathed my gratitude to Heaven.

Hard was the race to reach the distant goal,
The needle oft was shaken from the pole;
In such distress who could forbear to weep?
Toss'd by the headlong billows of the deep!

The tantalizing beams which shone so plain,
Which turned my former pleasures into pain--
Which falsely promised all the joys of fame,
Gave way, and to a more substantial flame.

Some philanthropic souls as from afar,
With pity strove to break the slavish bar;
To whom my floods of gratitude shall roll,
And yield with pleasure to their soft control.

And sure of Providence this work begun--
He shod my feet this rugged race to run;
And in despite of all the swelling tide,
Along the dismal path will prove my guide.

Thus on the dusky verge of deep despair,
Eternal Providence was with me there;
When pleasure seemed to fade on life's gay dawn,
And the last beam of hope was almost gone.


...I completely missed Black History Month, didn't I. And now it's Women's History Month already. I need to get my poetry collection into better order.

Since I know that someone on my Flist will have found it already: can someone please tell me where I can find a (preferably non-watermarked) photo of the LOTR folk onstage for That Big Award? The hobbits in particular?

Or is it considered a spoiler to mention that the hobbits were there? I can't wrap my brain around this. I'm surprised no one complained a few months ago when people in certain parts of the world discussed Saddam Hussein's capture, thus spoiling the evening news for other parts of the world. I may have to avoid LiveJournal altogether during the Olympics, as I might screw up and squee prematurely.

Have discovered that my husband bought A Mighty Wind the day it came out on DVD and it has been sitting on a shelf, unopened, unwrapped, ever since. Am puzzled but very happy to have it. I forgot last night to mention my delight at seeing Annette O'Toole there to celebrate her best song nomination.

Hey, Russell Crowe fans:'s online magazine has a short interview with him here.

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