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Poem for Tuesday, RDJ Movies, Skyline Drive

Tango Dancer
By Terry Collett

She could tango ok,
But man did she have

A tongue on her; she
Could have drained

The Black Sea with her
Endless talk, could have

Driven men over the hill
And into the river out of

Sheer desperation to get
Away from her constant

Chatter. Henry sips his
Drink and watches her

Tango. Her hips are far
Beyond anything he’s

Seen in a while; the way
She moves moves him,

Sets him on fire with
Desire. He leans back

In the chair; smokes a
Cigar; watches her through

The smoke, the haze. Man
Can she move; her legs

Are to die for; her thighs
Are to dream of lying

Between; her arms for
Embracing and when she

Finishes the dance and
Comes over to his table,

He’ll make small talk
Just to have her close

A little longer, studying
Her eyes as Columbus

Did on his first sight of
Land and beneath the table,

He will dream and wish to
Take hold of her ring

Encrusted small, but
Oh, God blessed hand.


I had a lovely Monday with Cheryl and the kitties! After playing with kittens, we went to California Tortilla for lunch, then went to the holiday boutique at Washington Hebrew, where we saw my mom plus various friends, looked at lots of jewelry, and gifts and Cheryl bought a wall hanging. Then we came back to my house, brought the kittens downstairs to the cage, and watched Soapdish and Tropic Thunder (look, it was an RDJ mock-the-industry day) and played with the kittens some more!

My two usual Monday night shows pre-empted their planned episodes in sympathy with the victims of the Paris attacks; Supergirl ran its Thanksgiving episode early, postponing a story with a bombing, while Legends reran the season premiere, postponing a story with mass murder in Paris. So we watched Minority Report, which I will miss so much when it's gone in two weeks, and Blindspot, which I am enjoying though it needs more women interacting. Fall color from last year on Skyline Drive:


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