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Poem for Sunday, Brunswick, Animals, Football, Sense & Sensibility

Green Rainbow Song
By Cedar Sigo

Hung up on
my hearing
and deep in whose
one too many
nights and never
a black-out
Doing the best
I can, only a man
It hurts me too
Blues in the night
Verlaine Blues
sitting here thinking
a blues for Anne
(all nerves)
and mine
the most dirty
afternoon jags
A freshly penned
lyric for sinking
to autumnal
atlantean shade
I wish us more luck
I wish my little
tiger lily sheltered
in a clear crystal
box (being carried)
Green pearl-handled
mallets edging
the annunciation
toward a new burn
The chamber of maiden
thought is metered
Big fields
villagers, stars
on the back-lot blues
it’s the smoke spot
I shade softest
a curve so tight
its really blind
the chamber gives
way to the word
in this case (mine)


The weather on Saturday was beautiful -- partly overcast, in the low 50s. We met Paul's parents in Brunswick, where we enjoyed it, though first we had lunch at Beans in the Belfry, the wonderful coffee and sandwich shop in a former church; then we walked a bit to one of the antique stores and down to the train tracks along the river where we'd parked, from which we drove to Catoctin Creek Nature Center, which has barn ruins and local wildlife -- turtles, frogs, insects, and several snakes, one of which I got to pet and another of which I got to hold! After that, we all went to South Mountain Creamery to see the cows, buy milk and cheese, and eat excellent ice cream.


We got home in time for about half of the Patriots-Chiefs game, which I didn't care all that much about (I'm likely to root for the NFC team left standing). Then we had stew for dinner and Adam went to see The Revenant with friends while I watched Sense and Sensibility with Cheryl, which we've wanted to do since before Thursday morning (Paul was very cooperative despite it being a playoff night). We were finished in time to watch the fourth quarter and overtime of the terrific Green Bay-Arizona game, whose only bad aspect was that the Packers didn't win. Now we're waiting for the news to end and SNL to start!

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